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Dar es Salaam Glass Works
Dar-es-Salaam Glass Works has over 35 years experience in the design, fabrication and installation of high quality fenestration products including structural glazing, curtain wall, doors, windows, roof glazing and skylights, as well as aluminium cladding, suspended ceilings, partition walls, louvers and shop fronts.
Dar-es-Salaam Glass Works is responsible for the glazing of the largest projects in Tanzania, giving its customers the confidence they need to have the best quality solutions. As a local Tanzanian company, Dar-es-Salaam Glassworks is an equal opportunity employer, employing over 200 mainly local Tanzanian staff who it invests heavily in through on job the training aimed at ensuring high productivity and motivation. 
 T: +255 22 218 1419   W: www.dsmglass.co.tz/
Nabaki Afrika
Nabaki Afrika has evolved from a husband and wife team who arrived in Tanzania in 1993, to a market leader in the retail and wholesale supply of quality building products. Nabaki Afrika is now a family of over 100 support staff, has over 5 000 loyal customers, hundreds of distributors and over 30 000 database contacts to tap. This remarkable twenty-year journey has taken a sustained financial and emotional effort and a commitment to sound business principles, ethical standards and integrity to achieve business success.
We believe in using our position, our resources and our compassion to assist others in our community.  An integrated and mutually supportive community is a healthy one.
T: +255 22 277 5138   W: www.nabaki.com
Electriplan (T) Ltd
Electriplan (T) Limited was established in August 1983 as a local professional consulting firm to provide services in electrical and mechanical engineering. Registered with the Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania (ERB) as a Local Engineering Consulting Firm and holds permanent membership with the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET)
T: + 255-22 2110529 / 2126560  W: http://electriplan.co.tz
Established in July 1977,  CO-ARCHITECTURE has developed into one of the most versatile Consultants in Planning, Architecture and Engineering ; practically in all aspects and complexities. 
  • Consulting Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Planners & Arbitrator

T: +255 22 2180170    F: +255 22 2180190   E: co-architecture@raha.com


Inter Consult
Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of services for infrastructure development. The full extent of our professional skills is demonstrated by the number and range of projects that we have been involved in; over 400 projects, ranging from modest-value to multi-million dollar, highly complex contracts.Inter-Consult is recognised as an innovative, reliable, industry-leading company that has, over the years, made a significant contribution to the design and project-management sector in Tanzania.

T: +255 22 2772424/77    F: +255 22 2772040   W: www.interconsult.co.tz     E: md@interconsult-tz.com


Dar Ceramica
We trace our earliest roots to the 1980s but Dar Ceramica as a company was established in 1995. Starting as a shop for building materials, Dar Ceramica Centre gained experience, expertise and financial strength through out the years and became one of the leading supplier of building materials and sanitary ware to the booming Construction Industry.
With introduction of new product range and getting rights of distribution for East and Central Africa from different manufacturers, Dar Ceramica Centre can pride itself of having the ability to supply quantity of building materials from source while maintaining the high quality and competitive prices.

T: +255 22 278 0489/72    F: +255 22 278 0465   W: www.darceramica.co.tz     E: info@darceramica.co.tz 


Architectural Pioneering Consultants
Architectural Pioneering Consultants (APC) is incorporated and fully registered with the Tanzanian investment Centre (TIC) and with the Board of Architects and Quantity Surveyors of the United Republic of Tanzania (AQRB), a pre- condition to implement building projects in Tanzania.
The high quality professional and educational profile of our management guarantees absolute precision handling your assignment.  We understand the needs of international clients, non-governmental organizations as well as discerning local customers and government bodies.


T/F: +255 22 260 0674   W: www.apc-tz.com     E: info@apc-tz.com


Arqes Africa
Located in Dar es Salaam, Arques Africa is an Architecture and Planning firm.
As a active member of the Tanzania Green Building Council, the firm constantly participates in seminars, workshops and trainings held by the Council. This ensures that its team of architects and consultants are equipped with green building design knowledge such as optimizing building design, and green facade, among many others.

T/F: +255 2227 00211   E: arqesafrica@yahoo.com 


Alshaaf Bargain Centre Ltd. is the sole distributor of LG Air Conditioners and Ventilation Systems. It is a leading and growing professional practise involved in the design, supply, installation, commission and service of LG Air Conditioners and ventilation as engaged in numerous governmental, commercial, residential, educational and industrial projects and is renowned for 23 years of excellence in Tanzania. Its growth is facilitated by plans to expand into various regions of the country to sustain its future prospects in reaching out to new markets.

T:+255 22 2114114    F: +255 22 2113002   W: www.alshaaf.com   E: alshaaf@alshaaf.com


MES-Engineering Consulatancy
The company, MES Engineering Consultancy Limited was established in 2009 in the United Republic of Tanzania aiming at serving the Engineering consulting industry in Tanzania and abroad. Currently the firm provides services in Civil/Structural engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in building and industries. We provide optimum professional consultancy services and continually look for ways to improve the project delivery process via a highly efficient, robust and cross-functional structure. 

T: +255-22 2761922   F: +255-22 2761923  W: www.mes-engineering.co.tz   E: info@mes-engineering.co.tz


Lahmeyer Consulting Engineers
As a leading international engineering company, the Lahmeyer Group offers a broad range of planning and consultancy services. Our services relate primarily to complex infrastructure projects in the sectors Energy, Hydropower and Water Resources as well as Building and Transportation. The Lahmeyer name stands for experience, quality and international competence, as evidenced in the developing and emerging economies of Africa, Asia and South America, as well as in Germany and in Europe generally. Project concepts are successfully realised through the application of German and international standards.

T: +255 784 351869    W: www.lahmeyer.com  E: mpembe@tz.lahmeyer.com


 KIMPHIL Konsult (T) Ltd

KIMPHIL Konsult (T) Limited offers consultancy and services in mechanical engineering in the following areas: Ventilation and Extract System; Refrigeration and Cold Storage; Fuel Gas Supply and Distribution systems; Lift, Hoists and Escalators; Acoustics; Plumbing and Fire Engineering.It is the policy of KIMPHIL Konsult (T) Limited to provide consultancy services of quality. Projects are carried out in an organized, cost effective, timely manner and in accordance with professional standards and meet all the requirements of the brief agreed with the client. 

T: +255 222 762 081/0    W: www.kimphilkonsult.com  E: kimphil@kimphilkonsult.com 


Onspace Consult 


Onspace Consult is an Architecture and Design company based in Dar es Salaam.  With the principal architect having recently completed the BUILD GREEN: Comprehensive 5 Day Sustainability Transformation Leadership Workshop held in Singapore, the company is well on the way to incorporating strategic green building designs into its projects.

T: 255 754 444 051 W: http://www.onspaceconsult.co.tz/   E: yusuph@onspaceconsult.co.tz


Architects Association of Tanzania


Architects Association of Tanzania (AAT) is a body of Architects established in 1982 and boasting a total membership of 566   countrywide. These include 328 corporate members, 40 graduate members, 191 student members and 7 technician members. AAT is a largest family of Architects in Tanzania giving support in lines of continuing professional Development (CPD), networking and access to International Architects Organizations.AAT works with government of United Republic of Tanzania to improve the built environment and its sustainability by providing advisory support through various workshops and interventions in various forums.


T: 255 222 136 149   W: http://aat.archi/    E: info@aat.archi 


Imports International (T) Ltd


Imports International (T) Ltd (IITL) is an importer and distributor of some of the world’s leading brands in construction and building materials in Tanzania. Its humble beginnings started on 12th March 2003 at a back workshop. Since its start, the business has expanded rapidly in a continuously fast growing market.
Since its inception, IITL has maintained its vision and concept of providing all customers big or small with the best quality material at the lowest prices possible. With this vision and the hard work of its loyal staff, many of whom have been with the company since 2004, the company has enjoyed many successful years and its transition from the back workshop operation to the latest 3500 sq/mtr warehousing facility on Nelson Mandela Road in July 2008. 
T: +255 222 862 903  W: http://imports-int.com/ 
Watumishi Housing Company (WHC)
Watumishi Housing Company (WHC) is a public entity established in 2013. WHC is a property developer and a licensed fund manager for management of the WHC Real Estate.
Investment Trust (WHC-REIT). WHC-REIT was licensed by the Capital Market and Security Authority (CMSA) in 2015 and became the first fully-fledged REIT to be established in Tanzania and East Africa. As a property developer, WHC-REIT is the main implementer of the Tanzania Public Servant Housing Scheme tasked with building of 50,000 housing units in five phases commencing from FY 2014/2015. 
T: +255 222 922 211    W: http://whctz.org/ 

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