Jun 222015

Sustainable development responds to the requirement of the present without compromising the capacity of the future generation to responding to theirs. Green Buildings are healthy buildings that highlight the reduction of impact on the environment as well as improve the well-being of the individual through efficient design and infrastructure, adapted to the climate as well as resources of the country.

As sustainable development continues to persist as one of the critical international issues within Africa and beyond, accreditations like LEED, Green Mark, and BREEAM act as environmental benchmarks to reduce the impact on the environment. It is important to create green specifications that are localized to the context of the country.


There are a different ways to contribute to the built environment’s improvement. One of them would be savings in water through concepts such as water harvesting and the use of drought tolerant plants for landscaping. Some of these plants (bleeding heart, glacier LVY, Ranong…) hold in moisture while others minimize water loss through transpiration. Consuming lower levels of water, utilities will simultaneously be lowered and room is created for water conservation.

The second method would be savings in energy. The orientation of a building determines the level of ventilation, insulation, solar shading as well as day lighting. Others methods that exist include the installation of solar panels and more and more people are switching to solar technology to support their energy sources.


The Tanzania Green Building Council works in collaboration with architects, engineers, building developers, academics to build the green building movement of the country. This new era of green building is in axle with having energy efficient designs, water saving techniques, improved indoor air quality,  as well as greenery developed in homogeneity.

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